Mindfulness for Living, for Learning, for Working, for Life

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This website will hopefully go a little way to answer some of the questions you may have about Mindfulness, how it can be used and who may benefit from the practice of Mindfulness.

Many more questions may arise and if so why not ask us?


Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to, and seeing clearly whatever is happening in our lives. It will not eliminate life's pressures, but it can help us respond to them in a calmer manner that benefits our heart, head, and body. It helps us recognise and step away from habitual, often unconscious emotional and physiological reactions to everyday events.

It provides us with a scientifically researched approach to cultivating clarity, insight, and understanding. Practicing mindfulness allows us to be fully present in our life and work, and improve our quality of life.

Mindfulness is the art of paying attention, non-judgmentally, to whatever arises in the present moment. When we are mindful, we experience directly whatever presents itself in our experience, no longer resisting the flow of life. We can bring mindfulness to anything we experience - breathing, eating, thinking, feeling, walking; even physical pain. Mindfulness is a skill that anyone can learn, offering scientifically-proven benefits such as deep relaxation, less stress, better sleep, more fulfilling relationships, and a greater sense of aliveness.

In essence, Mindfulness is an approach to life that encourages being present in the moment whilst nurturing an attitude of acceptance of whatever is experienced in each moment. Over time, with consistent practice we can make the most of our lives, just as it is. Furthermore, we can increase our choices in how we live our lives by responding more mindfully.

whatisitIn contrast, we tend to oscillate between remembering the past or projecting into the future, so that the present moment is lost to us. Depending upon the nature of what we experience and the thoughts/feelings evoked, we respond accordingly. This is often based upon an automatic or habitual learned way of reacting to events. This approach to living often leaves us feeling ‘stuck’, ‘restless’, ‘dissatisfied’, ‘despondent’, depressed and anxious.

We understand intellectually, that the present moment is all that exists. However, being human, we can so easily forget. Before we know it, we have wandered away from the present, wishing things were different to the way they are. The here and now moment which can hold so much for us has passed, never to be reclaimed. Years of single moments may pass us by until we find ourselves looking back at accumulated wasted moments. This approach to life can become a vicious cycle, a never ending sense of grasping, avoiding, drowning, and escaping.

The point is not what a particular moment may bring but rather, how we approach our experience to whatever arises. Usually, if the experience is difficult or uncomfortable, we tend to either immerse or drown ourselves in it. Alternatively, if our experience is pleasant we want to hold on to it, for fear that the unpleasant experience will return. Either way, we find ourselves unable to be with what is and as a result, the opportunity to gain an increased understanding of the way we react to our experiences, moment to moment.

A Mindful approach to living, developed through regular practice enables us to find a more balanced approach. One in which we neither avoid or drown. We allow ourselves to be present with experiences as they arise, moment by moment. We learn to be fully alive now!

wherecanigetitThere are a number of ways you can undertake a Mindfulness programme:

Open Drop-in Sessions

Held on the first thursday of the month, this is an opportunity for anyone to experience Mindfulness practice and find out how it can benefit everyone.


Either of one or two days duration our workshops are designed to give you an introduction to the core principles of Mindfulness and allow you to experience a variety of Mindfulnes meditations and exercises. This is an ideal precursor to the core eight week Mindfulness Programme.


Eight Week Mindfulness for Living Well Course

The core of any Mindfulness based strategy. Delivered in a small informal group setting this programme gives you an excellent grounding in Mindfulness over an eight week period. Each session lasts two and a half hours and you will be expected to commit to home practice of around 40-60 minutes a day.


One to One Mindfulness Programme

For those who prefer to work on a more personal one to one basis with their trainer we are able to schedule the complete eght week course to fit in to your own learning requirements. Please arrange an infomal talk with us to establish how we can meet your needs. You will be expected to commit to home practice of around 40-60 minutes a day.


Distance Learning

Using regular weekly sessions on the phone or Skype we can deliver the core Mindfulness Programme to those who would prefer to work completely at home or would find it difficult to travel to the 8 week course. Times and duration can be tailored to individual needs.

You will be expected to commit to home practice of around 40-60 minutes a day.

whoisitforTo learn mindfulness, it is not necessary to take on any new beliefs, adopt a new world view, or accept a new philosophy or religion; mindfulness can be integrated into your daily life exactly as it is. You need not have any background in yoga, meditation, or any other spiritual or contemplative practice; in mindfulness, everyone starts right where they are.

The practice of Mindfulness can benefit anyone who wants to enrich their experience of life, but it
has been found to be particularly helpful to those of us who live with stress, anxiety, depression,
chronic pain and many other long term challenges to life.

Many people have found Mindfulness useful, whether they have used it to help them deal with
recurrent depression or anxiety, or as a tool to improve their mental wellbeing and help them deal
with stress.

Practicing the art of mindfulness gives us a stronger perception of abundance and joy in every moment. While it's natural to look eagerly to the future when anticipating more pleasurable circumstances, we can miss out on the joy the present moment has to offer us. If we instead learn to engage more deeply with each moment as it arrives, we find ourselves feeling happier and more abundant, even if everything in our lives is not as we wish it to be. Mindfulness allows us to open to the smaller pleasures that exist around us each day, while knowing that still more enjoyable experiences await us in future moments. A focus on mindfulness can ease your impatience and enrich your every experience today.

Mindfulness helps people to see their situation, thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental way so they can stop themselves from reacting impulsively. It gives them time and space to consider a new way of acting, to break a negative cycle of thinking and doing, and to feel more in control of their actions.


howdoesitworkPracticing mindfulness helps you:

  • to be fully present, here and now
  • to experience unpleasant thoughts and feelings safely
  • to become aware of what you’re avoiding
  • to become more connected to yourself, to others and to the world around you
  • to increase self-awareness
  • to become less disturbed by and less reactive to unpleasant experiences
  • to learn the distinction between you and your thoughts
  • to have more direct contact with the world, rather than living through your thoughts
  • to learn that everything changes; that thoughts and feelings come and go like the weather
  • to have more balance, less emotional volatility
  • to experience more calm and peacefulness
  • to develop self-acceptance and self-compassion
We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Mindfulness and the services we are able to offer. 

You can phone us on 07960 329 766 or complete the form below. 

Please give as much information as possible.


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